What is (Co)ntent?

We’re a co-working space that’s here to transform the way you work…and create. With a full service co-working space and fully equipped content studio, our members can get full access to both facilities. Our content studio is equipped with camera lights, a DSLR, a fully loaded iMac for editing needs as well as props and accessories. Our space is sure to provide you with the perfect environment for productivity along with the right tools to get your creative juices flowing. Join us to work, create, collaborate.

The services provided are:

  •  Work Desks
  • Content Studio & Equipment (Lights, DSLR, Tripods & Props)
  • Editing Computer (Loaded With Final Cut Pro, Photoshop & Logic Pro)
  • High Speed Fibre Optic WiFi
  • Free Coffee
  • Snack Bar

Membership Types:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Exclusive Content Studio Booking